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xWing - a Star Wars goodie

Improvements in 0.7

  • Option to change the image when Dashboard activaties
  • added a SnowSpeeder, a Star Destroyer, the Correllian Corvette, Darth Vaders Tie, a Tie Interceptor, an AT-ST and a Trade Federation Tank
  • Re-worked every image to have a more decent shadow
  • Widget now cleans its preferences when removed from Dashboard
  • Improved transition effect
  • Other fixes

Improvements in 0.6

  • Every widget now remembers its own setting
  • Included a slideshow
  • Clicking the widget fades to the next image
  • (v0.6 with additional pictures will be the final version if there are no flaws left)
  • (v0.5 not released)
» Download old Version (0.6)   [489.0 KB]

Improvements in 0.4

  • Added some new Pics (there are now 11 available StarWars Ships and Stuff)
  • Added a "random"-Option; this somehow fixes the problem that Dashboard on a new Startup displays all active xWing-Widgets with the same Image
  • Images fade in
» Download old Version (0.4)   [488.0 KB]

Improvements in 0.3

  • You can drop any Image into the "Images"-folder inside the Widget-Package, it will instantly be available in the Prefs
  • Added the Tie-Fighter, an Imperial Shuttle and the Millennium Falcon
  • Corrected the Death Star
  • new Prefs-view
» Download old Version (0.3)   [380.0 KB]

Improvements in

No file @ ../widgetschmiede/widgets/xWing/Updates/update_update_0_new.php.giff.de.html
» Download old Version (0.2)   [331.0 KB]