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Improvements in 1.0.1

  • Finally completely works with Leopard (OS X 10.5)

Improvements in 1.0

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Some design improvements
  • Many smaller improvements
» Download old Version (1.0)   [147.0 KB]

Improvements in 0.3

  • Game-mode implemented
    • play as right player against the widget
    • if you win, the level increases, if you lose, vice versa
    • pause and resume the game at any time
    • press the up-arrow or down-arrow to move the bar, any other key to pause/resume
  • Choose between 12h or 24h mode
  • a few settings are available
  • the widget can check for a new version
  • many invisible changes
» Download old Version (0.3)   [48.0 KB]

Improvements in 0.2

  • better performance, technical improvements
  • the angle of the ball changes correlating to where on the bar the ball hits
  • now the right player misses according to the clock (well, the right "player" scores most of the time, of course =D )
» Download old Version (0.2)   [33.0 KB]
» Download old Version (0.1)   [14.0 KB]