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YAAOSC - yet another AIM online-status checker

Improvements in 0.4

  • Added Google Talk support (actually a Jabber-Protocol)
  • Improved Jabber support when no Chat-Application (iChat or Adium) is running
  • Various small redesigns (more decent state-changes)
  • If a buddy is NOT in the buddylist of your Chat-Application, but said application is running, the widget always returned "offline". This is fixed.
  • Cleaned up the preferences
  • Various bugfixes (thanks to the folks reporting those!)

Improvements in 0.3

  • Support for Adium (status, status message, idle time)
  • Support for Jabber Accounts (experimental)
    • If iChat/Adium is not running, uses edgar.netflint.net to check the status; see the site for more info, this is a Jabber-Bot
    • If iChat/Adium is running, gets the state from those Apps
  • Changed the colors
    • green: online
    • orange: idle
    • red: online but away
    • magenta: offline
  • The Prefs need to be rearranged, I know, they are messy.
    - the ceckbox labeled "Status" defines if the status (if available) is shown on the front
    - You can choose whether to launch iChat or Adium when clicking on a green widget
  • various fixes
» Download old Version (0.3)   [69.0 KB]

Improvements in 0.2

  • You can now set a different Name to display (instead of the original username)
  • saves the Date/Time when the user last time was seen online
  • if iChat is running, the widget gets the status from iChat
  • if iChat is running, optionally displays the status-message on front
  • cleans its preferences if removed from Dashboard
  • I cannot test if .mac-accounts work, but AIM-accounts work for sure; other protocols may get supported in future versions
  • I`m experimenting with the colors for different states - feedback is welcome ;)
» Download old Version (0.2)   [67.0 KB]
» Download old Version (0.1)   [48.0 KB]