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YAAOSC - yet another AIM online-status checker
Icon "Yet Another AIM Online Status Checker" is what its name suggests - another widget that displays the Online Status of one of your buddies. However, it is right now capable to determine the online status of your AIM, .mac, Jabber and Google Talk - buddies.

There is one difference - You don`t need to run iChat and you don`t have to be logged in to AIM. IChat doesn`t even have to be installed.
That`s the main reason I started this widget since I don`t have iChat running most of the time and I don`t want it to be running all the time. Neither the Menubar-iChat-item. With this Widget, this is possible. You only need an internet connection (and Tiger, of course =D ).

If you`re not logged in, the widget only shows whether your buddy is online or offline. With iChat or Adium running, the widget gets the status and (optionally) the status-message from iChat/Adium and sets an appropriate color.

You can set the refresh-interval yourself. Clicking the Widget re-checks the buddy`s status if he was offline before or opens iChat/Adium if he was online at the last check. First I had iChat/Adium open a new Message Window, but since I sometimes want to do an Audio-Chat, this was annoying, so I stay with only opening/activating the appropriate Chat-Application and hiding the Dashboard.

What the colors mean (take a look at the screenshots)
green - buddy is online (or idle/away if you are not logged in to AIM)
orange - buddy is idle
red - buddy is away
magenta - buddy is offline
grey - we got no response from the server; try again
black - an error occurred

Download YAAOSC 0.4  [93.0 KB]