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German TV-Widget

Sadly, our data provider took the data server offline. That's why the widget does not work at the moment.

Icon Fernsehen gives you easy access to the german TV program provided by TVStar. See what's currently on, look for upcoming shows, search for movies starring your favourite actor or read a short description about a movie you're not yet sure to watch. And since the widget caches all the data, you can even do this offline.

New in Version 2
  • Drastical rewrite of the codebase
  • Drastically improved speed
  • Drastically improved search
    You can now search in the description, search for actors or directors. Also, words separated by spaces are being treated as individual search terms, "Law York" finds "Law & Order: New York"
  • A new view displays upcoming shows like a typical EPG
  • Detailed information for movies. Clicking onto the name of an actor or director displays all shows in which that person participated. Also, IMDb and OFDb are back.
  • The menu at the top right lets you choose between different genres like movies, documentaries or sports
  • New data source
  • Timezone support, the widget now automatically displays local time
  • Cleaned up Interface
  • Support for Equinux TheTube and Zattoo
  • Localized in German and English

Search and the filters require Mac OS X 10.5

Download Fernsehen 2.0  [572.0 KB]

We received an award from macprime.ch for making the most beautiful widget listed on their website. Thanks guys for the Shuffle!!
most beautiful widget - award from macprime.ch