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xWing - a Star Wars goodie
Icon This Widget does nothing more than display one of several Star-Wars™ related Images sized 175 x 150 pixel. You can switch the images at your leisure, and it now is possible to simply drop your own images into the Images-folder inside the Widget-package, they will instantly show up in the preferences; Your Images _should_ be 175 pixel in width and 150 pixel in height as they will get distorted if they`re not that size.

You can also set the widget to change the Image if the Dashboard shows up or tell it to display a slideshow. Click the widget to fade to the next image.

I like to clutter my Dashboard with X-Wing-Squadrons flying towards a Death-Star. The Dock is guarded by some AT-ATs. =)

Download xWing 0.7  [603.0 KB]

Here are the currently included Images
X-Wing Naboo Fighter AT-AT Death Star Tie Fighter Tie Fighter Millennium Falcon ARC-170 sketch Landspeeder Sandcrawler Trade Federation Control Ship AT-ST the Correllian Corvette Snow Speeder Star Destroyer Tie Interceptor Trade Federation Tank Darth Vaders Tie Fighter