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Icon Übertragen is a widget designed to transfer files, be it to an FTP-server, to another Mac running Übertragen on your local network (through Bonjour) or to one of your Bluetooth-devices.
It was designed with quick uploads in mind and thanks to the dashboard it is always available immediately. Just grab your files, call Dashboard, hover over the widget and it presents all your FTP accounts, nearby Macs and your Bluetooth-devices in an exposé-like manner. Too easy.

FTP Servers

FTP PreferencesYou can set up as many FTP accounts in the preferences of Übertragen as you like, no more cluttered Dashboards just because you transfer files to more than one server. The access data of your FTP accounts will be added to your keychain, right where it belongs. And when you're adding a new FTP account in the Preferences of Übertragen, the widget shows you all FTP accounts already stored in your keychain and will enter the server domain, username and password automatically. This makes adding FTP accounts already used with other FTP applications quick and easy.

Spring loaded FTP-directoriesAnd there is more. When you drag your files over Übertragen, the widget will present all your accounts in an exposé-like manner. Hover over the desired FTP account and discover that it is spring-loaded! This means that you can browse all subdirectories of your FTP-server with ease and drop the files wherever you wish. During the upload (and for some seconds after completion) there will be a copy button visible which copies the path of the file(s) you are uploading to the clipboard. If you provide a http-path for the current account, the widget will copy the complete web-accessible URI for the file(s) to your clipboard; this is perfect for quick uploads of (for example) some images you want to post to a discussion board.

Directory structures are being maintained and "dot files" (except for .htaccess) are being ignored, so you won't clutter your server with useless .DS_Store files and the like.


Bonjour Clients in your LANOther Macs on your local network are automatically detected (if they run Übertragen, too) and they will show up along your FTP accounts and Bluetooth devices. Drop the files and the upload starts immediately.
Of course you can deactivate to receive files over LAN, or you can choose to manually accept every incoming transfer for added security.

Received files sorted in foldersThe widget can create subfolders based on the date of the transfer or the person who sent you the files. Or simply let all files download straight to your Desktop and clean up the mess afterwards manually.
For faster transfers the widget can also compress the file(s) on the senders' side before sending. After the transfer has finished it will decompress the archive on the receivers' side who won't notice the difference. As an added bonus, Resource Forks will not be lost if you chose the compressed transfer, so Applications you send someone will still work and custom thumbnails will be kept.

Note that you must open port 16211 to make bonjour-transfers to your machine possible.


Bluetooth support!You can enable Bluetooth support and the widget will then display a drop area for all your favorite Bluetooth devices. If the device supports "OBEX File Transfer", you can even browse the directories of the device and drop the file(s) in the desired directory, just as you can with FTP accounts.
Note that your device must be added to your favorite-list in the System Preferences and that it must at least support "OBEX Object Push" in order to send files from the widget. Oh, you might encounter problems if you have your device set to ask for a password before accepting a transfer.


We want to make use of the powerful features Apple has built into OS X. Beside standard widget technology, we use some more features of OS X in Übertragen:

KeychainYour FTP access data gets stored in your OS X keychain
BonjourThrough bonjour the widget discovers its siblings on a LAN
BluetoothSend files to your favorite Bluetooth devices
<canvas>Apples addition to the HTML standard; we draw the gauges through this tag
CoreGraphicsDraws the reflective icons of the files you transfer

Download Ubertragen 1.5.1  [505.0 KB]

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is required. If you're using Safari, click the download link. With Tiger 10.4.2 and later the widget will install automatically and show the dashboard with your brand new widget. For earlier versions, when the widget download is complete, show Dashboard, click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar and click the widget's icon in the Widget Bar to open it.
If you're using a browser other than Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, un-archive it and simply double-click the resulting widget (if you have Tiger 10.4.2 or later) or place it manually in ~/Library/Widgets/ (in your home folder), show Dashboard, click the Plus sign to display the Widget Bar and click the widget's icon in the Widget Bar to open it.